Dylan O’Brien and Kaya Scodelario in a Maze Runner Teaser Interview

Edmund + sass — requested by kindofkelly

Where television is fantastic and is way ahead of film, is it doesn’t feel the need to polarize women so much. Male writers, and I say this with all love and respect, often want to make a woman either the angel or the whore, make her the witch or put her on a pedestal. They’re not mutually exclusive. You don’t have to be practical and politically savvy and not be a good person. You can be a good human being and just be shrewd. We are as complex and contradictory as the men. - Natalie Dormer

Oh, to lie side by side in the same tomb, hand in hand, and to gently touch a finger-tip from time to time in the darkness, would suffice for my eternity. (insp.)


"I’m just gonna ask you 73 questions in an unreasonably short amount of time.”


oh and when i was a year old, after i got my foot amputated my parents were pushing me around in a stroller at a street festival in miami and i was chewing on my foot or whatever and this street performer came up to us and was like “aw i bet that tastes good!!” and my dad was like “yeah look at what she did to the other one!!!!” and pulled back the blanket covering my left leg to show a stump with a huge scar on it and i’m pretty sure my dad terrified that poor man

"I’m no longer watching television in which middle-aged men figure out how to be men. I’d rather watch shows about teenaged girls figuring out what it means to be a monster"
— Kelly Link, in an interview from last year that has really stuck with me because of this line.  (via andrewasalways)